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Huatulco is a stunning collection of beautiful pacific coastal bays for which the centerpiece is the town of La Crucecita, located on Mexico’s popular Pacific shoreline in the state of Oaxaca. Huatulco’s tourism nerve centers are its nine bays known as Bahias de Huatulco, which has been shortened to simply Huatulco in recent years.

La Crucecita Huatulco

You’ll find Huatulco is one of Mexico’s most relaxed destinations due to its amazing charm and warmth of the locals. Huatulco is just one of over 60 official online guides covering the whole of Mexico. If you´re planning a trip to Mexico and would like discover our fabulous nation before visiting or, if you´d like to visit a specific place in Mexico, then you´ve come to the right place.

The centerpieces of Huatulco’s charm are undoubtedly its nine pacific bays, encompassing no less than 36 beaches and numerous inlets and coves, each with its own unique character and ecology. All are noted for their dream-like beaches of golden sand and crystal clear water, yet the bays remain charmingly unspoiled, sometimes accessible only by boat, making these less prone to crowds but equally exquisite. Huatulco is one of Mexico´s most popular places, visited by millions of people over the last decade. When you travel to Huatulco you may wish to check out the Huatulco hotels we have available or maybe you´d like to rent a car in Huatulco? We also offer extensive day trips in Huatulco. This unique place has simply amazing things to see. We´ve also compiled a list of Travel books on Huatulco Mexico.

Huatulco offers a wide variety of accommodations from bed and breakfast rooms for rent, small economy hotels, luxury VIP oceanfront villas, vacation condominiums, as well as numerous luxury resorts standing on or near the seashore of Tangolunda Bay. To name but a few you have the Camino Real Zaashila, Quinta Real Huatulco, Las Brisas, Dreams Resort & Spa and the Barceló Hotel.

Huatulco is located in the state of Oaxaca where the foothills of the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains convene with the Pacific Ocean roughly 500 km south of Acapulco, Guerrero. The current population of Huatulco is around 50 000.

Restaurant Huatulco Mexico

Whether you are visiting Huatulco in Mexico for business, pleasure or both, we´re sure that Huatulco will meet all of your expectations and that the people of Huatulco will make you feel welcome while sampling some of the unique cuisine on offer in the Huatulco Restaurant districts.

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