travel to HUATULCO

Huatulco Festivals

The Music Festival for the Earth or in Spanish, Música por la Tierra offers music and culture in an event intended to raise awareness about the environment. The Huatulco event features a number of rock and popular music groups from around the world.

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Huatulco Tourism

The Bahias de Huatulco, Bahia meaning Bay in Spanish, is divided into four specific districts. Tangolunda is the area where the large fashionable resorts are located. Then there’s Santa Cruz, which is a quaint town with the main marina and the world renowned Santa Cruz beach. Finally there’s the crowning jewel town of La Crucecita, […]

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Things to do in Huatulco

You should not miss a trip around Huatulco’s nine bays on a motorboat, an affordable excursion easily purchased at our Huatulco excursions link. These 2 to 3 hour trips provide an excellent tour of the hidden beaches, stunning surroundings, flora and fauna. The unadulterated beauty of this coastline while take your breath away. At only […]

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